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MiR Mobile Industrial Robots


Automated in-house transport by use of cobots

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) is a leading manufacturer of collaborative mobile robots. MiR offers user-friendly, flexible and safe robots to help companies increasing their e­fficiency.

MiR mobilny robot w aplikacji z konwejerem

MiR mobilny robot z nadbudowanymi regałami

MIR mobilny robot dostarcza towar do końcowej inspecji


Reap all the benefits

  • Automate material handling and internal logistics
  • Eliminates material flow bottlenecks to increase productivity
  • Allows employees to focus on high-value activities, not deliveries
  • Enhance production flow and make significant progress
  • Install quickly and easily without changing the workplace layout
  • Can be redeployed for different tasks with various top modules
  • Very user-friendly and easily programmed with no prior experience needed
  • Safely and e­fficiently maneuvers around people and obstacles
  • Offers fast ROI in as little as one year

MiR mobilne roboty mają otwarty interfejs dający więcej możliwości


Extremely userfriendly interface

MiR mobilne roboty mają przyjazny interfejs

  • Works on PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Customizable dashboard makes it easy to tailor the interface to the individual user’s needs


MiR Charge

MiR mobilne roboty mają w pełni zautomatyzowane ładowanie. Na zdjęciu stacja ładująca

  • A fully automatic recharging solution
  • The MiR100, the MiR200 and the MiR500 move and connect autonomously to the charging station


MiR Fleet

MiR Fleet do zarządzania flotą mobilnych robotów

  • Fleet management for optimized robot traffic
  • Fast and central configuration of a fleet of robots
  • Automatic prioritization and selection of the robot which is best suited for a job, based on position and availability
  • Planning of the use of different top modules, hook, and other accessories


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MiR Hook


MiR 100 200 500


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