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Elimination of odours in vehicles

You can get rid of bad smells samochód przy porcie

Bad smells efficiently deter and discourage. Air fresheners only camouflage the problem and may also disturb, especially people with asthma or allergy. The OZ1000T air purifier solves the problem once for all, without using chemicals.

The OZ1000T efficiently removes the smell of cigarettes, vomit, sweat, urine and pets, while also eliminating germs, viruses and fungus. It disinfects the ventilation system and air conditioning. It does not camouflage problems, but efficiently refreshes the inside of any vehicle.


Use as many times as you wish
  • in the car/ yacht/ caravan, in order to refreshen, disinfect or remove odours from previous users
  • when selling the vehicle - increases the value and thus also the price 
  • in the taxi or other vehicles used for transport of people or animals

When the air purifier is in operation, no persons or animals may be in the vehicle

Efficient and fast

The technology is environmentally friendly and has extremely low operation costs. The air cleaner is handy and all it requires is electric power from the mains supply.


ikonka pdf  Leaflet: OZ1000 with timer

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