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Air purification in rooms

You can get rid of odours 

Even though a room is well ventilated, it may be hard to get rid of bad smells. By using air cleaners OZ1000, OZ2000 or MAC500 you can efficiently solve the problem with tedious smells of any kind, without using chemicals. Smell of cigarettes, sweat, urine, pets, paints etc. is taken away for good, unless the source of the smell is still present. Apart from the smell also germs, viruses, fungus and allergens such as dust mites are removed from the air and from all surfaces and items in the room.

Simple installation!

Place high in the room e.g. on a bookshelf, on the wall or ceiling and connect to the mains. 


Air purifiers OZ1000 and OZ2000 may be used only in rooms where no persons or animals are present. 


  • in hotels for refreshing or disinfection of rooms
  • in houses or flats after painting or when put up for sale or rent,
    making them more attractive and increasing chances of getting a good price 
  • in attics, basements, garages etc. 
  • in restaurants and bars 
  • in elderly homes - improves level of comfort and hygiene 
  • in offices - improves comfort level for employees and customers
  • in crematoria and caretaker businesses - odour removal and disinfection
ikonka pdf  Leaflet: OZ1000 / OZ2000

ikonka pdf  Leaflet: OZ1000 with timer


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