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Air purification for industry and municipal applications


Jimco purification of air from industrial and municipal applications is based on award winning, breakthrough technology that eliminates odour, grease, microbes, volatile organic compounds and other emissions. 

Using ultraviolet and ozone technology the systems oxidize away contaminants purifying exhaust.

The system is more compact and reliable, consumes less energy and water and needs less maintenance than other competitive technologies (such as wet scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators or bio filters).

  • The air is treated with UV-C and ozone (Photolysis oxydization, also called "cold incineration")
  • Odours and any other organic pollutants are reduced to an absolute minimum. Usually 90-98 % odour reduction is achieved, measured in odour units per m3
  • Dozens of functioning installations all over the world
  Advantages of the technology: 
  • Compact
  • No use of chemicals
  • No residual substances 
  • Immediate on/off
  • Efficiency not affected by input fluctuations
  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • No supervision or trained personnel required

Reference: Rendering plant

Heinz-Joachim Nagel, Heinrich Nagel GmbH & Co. KG, Neumünster:


„- Thanks to the JIMCO FLO-K system we managed to eliminate all odour problems stemming from rendering of animals in our plant. Earlier we used a number of bio filters and chemical wet scrubbers.

Due to fluctuations in the organic load (wet/ dry, cold/ warm) the biofilters often caused significant problems. 

The wet scrubber we used to have had too high operation costs and too little effect. On top of that was also the need to handle dangerous chemicals. We do not have those problems anymore.

Apart from being much more compact, the JIMCO FLO-K system is much more efficient. But more important, the problems with odours and microorganisms in the air are gone.

  Danpo Aars

Types of systems:


Selected implementations:

   ikonka pdf  FLO-K for air below 45°C   ikonka pdf  Food, rendering and municipal sectors
   ikonka pdf  FLO-P for air above 45ºC    
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