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Purification of air from commercial kitchens

For canopies – Kitchen Pollution Control (KPC)
  • Uncomplicated system eliminates odours and grease from airstream
  • Makes it possible to expel air few meters above street level or into backyard 
  • Keeps canopy and ductwork clean 
  • Enables heat recouperation 
  • Minimizes the risk of fire



Implementation: GOSCH SYLT - fish frying practically without odours
Kitchen   Result
  • Front-Cooking-Bistro in architectonically protected railway station
  • Frying of fish and other seafood
  • Heavy load of odours and grease in airstream from canopy
  • Air volume from canopy 2000 m3/h, 16 hours per day
  • Odour free air expelled directly into station hall (3 m above floor)
  • Heat recouperation an option
Task   Gosch Sylt
  • Meet requirements from Deutsche Bahn Station&Service
  • Meet architectonical requirements, i.e. no ventilation ducts above roof nor under the station building  
  • Installation of Jimco UV-C/Ozone modules
  • Ozone level management (the system automatically turns off at low organical load in airstream)



ikonka pdfLeaflet: KPC for HORECA

Article: Why McDonald's in Denmark choose Jimco KPC


The only kitchen pollution control system in the world which has achieved Environmental Technology Verification 
- a verification system backed by the European Commission. 

                       Learn more about ETV:                     



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