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HEXAPOD for reconfigurable work cells


Your alternative to dedicated jigs and fixtures in production

The Flex Hex concept with Hexapods is a flexible and reconfigurable alternative to dedicated jigs and fixtures in production. 

 Rekonfigurowalna fikstura Flex Hex FH100 którą można ustawić robotem albo ręcznie

Utilized for assembly, welding and manufacturing, the Flex Hex concept enables a more cost-effective production line setup, reduced fixture storage and a quicker adaption to other production series.


Idea and applications:



Several Hexapods can be aligned – the number will depend on the fixture configuration. The individual Hexapod is a robot fixture which can be featured with passive reconfigurable and adaptive tooling on the base plate. It can be reconfigured either automatically by a robot or manually.


Zestaw rekonfigurowalnych fikstur Hexapod FH100 to alternatywa do dedykowanych szablonów montażowych i spawalniczych



The Hexapod system requires no motors, no cables and no wires. This is possible due to a hydraulic system with a pressure intensifier, controlled by a single pneumatic valve which effectively releases and activates the hydraulic clamping system around the segment securing an accurate position.



The Hexapod system ensures flexible transition between batch productions, while also assuring the ability to keep clamping position in case of power failure or disconnecting the fixture from external power when moving on the production line. The reconfiguration takes between 5-30 seconds, depending on degree of difficulty of the reconfiguration.



Flex Hex FH500-side-position

FH 500 has a payload of 50 kg. 

Ask about other sizes. 


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