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About us

CLEANTECH - Innovative, cost efficient and environmentally friendly technology from the Danish companies Jimco and Danish Clean Water for improvement of the microbiology of production and storage facilities as well as for the purification of air and water.

ROBOTICS - Collaborative robots from the world leading producer, Universal Robots

Distribution in Poland. We are dedicated to serving customers in the Polish market, hence only the Polish language version of this web site is fully elaborated. If you do not speak Polish, please feel free to contact us and let us see what we can do for you. - We communicate in almost all European languages.

In certain cases we are also ready to help customers outside of Poland.


Jimco A/S Technology patent

Jimco A/S provide some of the world's most innovative solutions for cleaning of air and water as well as for automatic disinfection of surfaces. They utilize UV-C generated ozone in their prize winning technology instead of chemicals. 

Jimco products are sold all over the world to among other the food industry, the HORECA sector as well as the public sector. Among clients we find McDonald's, McCain, Saria, Danish Crown and Danfrugt, just to mention a few - and all the newest Hilton and Mariott hotels in China and India are equipped with Jimco technology. 

Till now the company has not been active in Poland. We want to change that in view of the clear need for Jimco's products in the market. 


Universal Robots A/S is the world leader in easily programmable, safe and flexible industrial robots. UR’s patented technology has made the UR robots a game changer within the industrial and collaborative robot industry.


DCW Danish Clean Water logo

Danish Clean Water A/S (DCW) develops technology for on-site production of environmentally safe disinfection agents for bacterial and biofilm control in potable and process water systems.

Among the founders of the company was Peter Mads Clausen, one of the persons behind the world renowned company Danfoss A/S.

In line with the Danish tradition of environmental responsibility all DCW systems are designed to minimize any negative environmental impact whilst ensuring that its technology contributes to a healthier and safer world

- And the world is only just beginning to open their eyes to the huge advantages of the technology offered by DCW.

JORGENSEN: Cleantech and collaborative universal robots in Poland.
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