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INTRAY denester


INTRAY offers complete, fast and clean solutions reliably ensuring high output of ready-to-seal trays with perfectly placed products inside - fast, easy and clean

With the INTRAY denester you can denest every tray type. This is thanks to the advanced INTRAY technology, which makes no tray material too difficult to denest.

INTRAY do odkładnia tac na taśmę


The extremely compact system is available in both simple and extended versions:


See the INTRAY denester in action, Easy Loader 90 version:


See the INTRAY denester in action, Easy Loader 150 version:


INTRAY Smart Tool

The Smart Tool is the heart of INTRAY. The denesting tool denests and transports the trays from the stack onto the conveyor band and has multiple patents.

Smart Tool do zdejmowania tac ze stosu i odkładania na taśmociąg 

The Smart Tool is custom-made, thus ensuring perfect denesting of every specific tray. The Smart tool can be removed in less than 30 seconds and a new Smart Tool placed in the same time. Production stop to restart takes no more than 1 minute.

The Smart Tool only weighs 12 kg/26 lbs, making it easy and effortless for your production line personnel to insert and remove.

We designed the Smart Tool to be servo driven. You have complete control over the speed and force that the denesting tool uses to separate the tray from the stack and lead it to the conveyor belt. The Smart Tool needs no compressed air.

As the Smart Tool will be in direct contact with the tray, we gave the tool an open design. This enables you to clean the Smart Tool thoroughly and is your insurance that your denester is as clean and hygienic as the rest of your food processing production.

Each Smart Tool is custom-made for your tray. We give you the instructions for adjusting the Smart Tool and your tray - allowing you to order spare parts or a completely new tool without having to wait for a specialized technician to come and adjust the denester manually. The instructions enable your plant technicians to assemble and adjust the denester within the hour.

See the Smart Tool in action: 


Intray łatwo trzymać w czystości, można umyć w całości



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