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The CoWelder™ is possibly the smartest and smallest automated welding solution on the market. It joins the family of cobots: collaborative robots working together with humans in a shared workspace. The CoWelder is the world’s first CE approved welding cobot package solution. The CoWelder can improve your small and large batch component production, delivering uniform welds of continuous high quality.

It takes little time to install the CoWelder in your existing production and you can start welding on the first day. Programming the CoWelder is simple and intuitive. Staff with no programming experience can easily learn how to operate the robot. Build up a catalogue of workpieces each with an attached program and switch between them as required during a workday.

 Collaborative welding robot CoWelder

CoWelder is a complete welding robot solution, all parts supplied, ready to install in an existing production. It makes the production of workpieces more efficient no matter the quantity and frequency.

The CoWelder has excellent welding performance in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and special alloys. It features pulse welding and various Migatronic technologies, such as IGC ® (Intelligent Gas Control) for gas savings, PowerArc for better weld penetration, DUO Plus for TIG-like welds and MigaLog for logging welding data.



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